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Our new SWAN Library Catalog is finally here!  If you have our catalog bookmarked, please make sure to update the link to:  

We are excited about the new catalog, but since going live on April 14 you may have noticed that there have been intermittent issues as we continue to optimize the new system.  We thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your catalog experience. Be assured that librarians and IT professionals are working diligently to correct any issues that arise. Feel free to let us know when you experience a problem. Please call us for the most up-to-date catalog access news or to discuss your library account. You may also submit a form with your questions. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time of transition, and apologize for any inconvenience that you may experience.

Also, we are still working below on finishing new guides for the new SWAN Catalog, so keep checking back for updates.  But please ask staff for assistance if you have any questions!

Using the new catalog:enterprise crop2 600w

New features to love

Elmwood Park Public Library, along with 76 other libraries in the SWAN library consortium, switches to a new software system on April 14.  We are excited for this transition as it brings new changes and features.  These improvements will make your time spent on the online catalog faster and easier.

There are a lot of great new features coming with our new catalog, and are the main reasons why we are making this transition in the first place.  We wanted you to have a better experience using the online catalog.

  • Full eBook integration:  You will be able to search for, checkout, and download your eBook straight from the online catalog to your computer or device.  And with new library specific profiles for the new catalog, you will now only be shown the eBooks that are available to you as a patron of the Elmwood Park Public Library.  (you will no longer be confused by finding an eBook in the catalog from another library that you cannot check out!)
  • A smarter catalog:  Don't remember how to spell a word or an author's name?  That will no longer matter as your search the new online catalog, which will find search results even if you spell a word or author’s name incorrectly.
  • Easy limiting:  The catalog will be much easier to work with when you search, with all the ways to limit your search (format, location, language, year, etc.) readily visible on the results page.  This will even allow you to find complete lists of collections.  For example:  leave the search box blank, click search, then click on limit format to DVD to find a complete list of DVDs owned by the Elmwood Park Public Library.
  • Pick up anywhere:  Do you work near another SWAN library and it would be more convenient to pick up items there on your way home?  When you place a hold on an item from the catalog, you will be given an option to pick up your hold at any participating SWAN library.
  • Text notifications:  Just log in to My Account on the new catalog and you can opt to receive text message notifications for overdue books and holds that are ready for pickup.
  • My Lists:  While the Wish Lists feature will not carry over to the new catalog (see below), there will still be a My Lists feature that will work similarly, allowing you to create multiple lists in order to keep track of items in the catalog that you want to look at later.
  • Volume holds:  When you place a hold on a book or DVD that has multiple volumes or discs listed, you will now be able to select which volume or disc you would like, and the first available of that volume or disc will be sent to you.  This improves the current system that makes you choose one specific item from a specific library, which can sometimes backfire if that library can't fulfill that hold for whatever reason.
  • Languages:  In the upper right corner of the new catalog you will be able to switch the language of the catalog.  Currently the two options will be Spanish and English.  Later this year you should also be able to choose Polish.

Upcoming features to look forward to later this year

There are even more reasons to love our new catalog than those listed above.  These new features will be rolled out later in the year.  We are excited for their arrival, and will let you know when they become available.

  • Database Integration:  Do you wish you could search for full text journal articles right from the online catalog rather than having to visit our selection of online databases separately?  Soon you can.  Our new catalog will be integrating most of our online databases  so that you can just search in one place to find the information you need.  You will still be able to read/email/print/save the full text and annotations of articles that you find, all right from the catalog.
  • BookMyne+ app:  Our new catalog will be coming with a new app for your smartphone or tablet.  The app will be designed by the same company as our catalog, so it will fully be able to take advantage of the new catalog's features, including:
    • Search the catalog and place holds
    • Login to My Account to renew checked out items, cancel holds, or update your email
    • Scan ISBNs off book jackets to search for the items in the catalog
    • Search for and checkout eBooks
    • Search for and download articles that will now be available in our new catalog
    • See our Facebook and Twitter updates
    • Locate local libraries using GPS maps

Things about your account that changed

With the the transition to our new catalog, there were a couple of items about your account that changed.

  • PIN Numbers:  The PIN number that you use for logging in to My Library Account on the online catalog did NOT transfer over to our new system.  Your new PIN is be the last four digits of your phone number.  If you do not have a phone number attached to your account,  you were assigned a random PIN number.  (You will still log in with your name and library barcode number)  After April 14 we recommend all users change their PIN to a unique PIN known only to you.  If you have an email address attached to your account, you can reset your password yourself through the catalog, or staff can assist you in making the change. 
  • Wish Lists:  If you used the Wish Lists or Preferred Searches features of the old catalog, note that this data did NOT transfer to the new system.

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